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Aqua-Skuter – your miss in the world of sensations

For adventurouses on water – Aqua-Skuter.
Aqua-Skuter is an excellent substitute of a boat, a kayak and even a water ski. It represents such means movement which moves due to your muscular force.

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The international water festival Vuoksa

27-29 June, by tradition last days June on Losevskom a threshold of the river Vuoksa the International Water Tourist Festival Vuoksa is spent. This festival for today is the largest in own way water competitions spent in territory of Russia and the CIS countries. Annually it visit more than 9000 person. In the program of competitions the Cup of Russia on tourist multiathlon (competitions on technics of boating on kayaks, catamarans, rafts), relay race, a thriathlon, tournament kano-поло, rafting is spent. Within the limits of Festival Fair of tourist equipment on which the every possible tourist equipment, the goods and equipment - tents is presented, backpacks, sleeping bags, compasses, navigating devices, sportswear, the goods for fishing is spent.

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Rest in Moscow suburbs gets the increasing popularity

The increasing popularity is typed every year with rest in Moscow suburbs and it is not casual, as it is the largest recreational center in Russia. With development of active corporate rest appears more and more than admirers of extreme kinds of sports - rock-climbing, riding, kajaking, rafting, etc. As every year more and more than people are interested in extreme kinds of sports, in opinion of experts, and the given market will continue to grow too. With growth of incomes of the population of city of Moscow by greater popularity game kinds of rest start to use: bowling, billiards, go-cart racing, minigolf.

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The exhibition of the extreme goods and services will pass in Ekaterinburg

In Ekaterinburg will pass from May, 27 till May, 30th there will pass an exhibition estremalnyh the goods, equipment and services for tourism, hunting and fishing. Exhibition days in KOSK "Russia" will collect many fans of extreme tourism and rest, in the program of an exhibition the set of very interesting actions is planned. Besides within the limits of an exhibition there will pass 1-st inter-regional scientifically-practical conference " Urals Mountains - a part of world system of active and extreme tourism: problems and prospects of development ". To fans of an extreme in all possible elements and in any displays - mountain and water, air and ground, city and power, organizers address the big section " X-sports, tourism ".

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In the Pechora area will open a new waterway

The seminar-presentation on results of realization of the project of Program BSR INTERREG IIIA " the river Emajygi – lake Chudskoe – the river Great as tourist destination " has passed Complex and steady development of a waterway in settlement of the Oven of the Pechora area. Members of the incorporated working group and design partners have presented prospects of development of projects in sphere of culture and tourism in a spatial corridor of a waterway the river Emajygi – lake Chudskoe – the river Great within the limits of the future program of frontier cooperation Estonia – Latvia – Russia 2007 – 2013 Have been developed a complex of the actions directed on development of tourism on both party of border, on increase in number of local and foreign tourists.

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The season of water rounds of the day off is opened

For all fans of the nature and especially its water riches, travel agency the organization of development ekoturizma in Primorye Territory " Tracks Dersu " has opened a season of carrying out of water rounds of the day off. Alloys are spent on the rivers Guerrilla (Guerrilla r-¡) and Kievka (Lazovsky r-¡). Enthusiasts of " Tracks Dersu " consider these two areas perspective for development in their territory of tourism and productive leisure, and the river - as the most interesting tourist objects. The last seasons have shown heightened interest having a rest to such kinds of rest. In many respects, it is caused by that here are successfully combined the minimal physical activity at a maximum of impressions.

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The championship of Russia on boating

In the beginning of May, with 1 on 5, in republic Adygea on the river White has passed the championship of Russia on tourist multiathlon - boating. In competitions has taken part about 200 sportsmen. Krasnoyarsk was represented with a command of sports school " Satellite " in structure of 10 person. On a distance « command race » krasnojartsy have won the second and third place. On a distance "slalom" in a class of catamarans-двоек Krasnoyarsk sportsmen Artem Nozdrin and Sergey Verejkin became champions of Russia. Sportsmen have won one more gold medal in a class "catamaran-four". By results of command offset the combined team of the Ryazan area "Ryazan-þ¿¡ñ¿ÓþÑÓ«-waves" became the Champion of Russia.

admin May 20 2008 7:29:42 AM For a press
Mass hikes in Kaliningrad

In past days off in Kaliningrad has passed a mass hike, with gathering all interested persons. The senior instructor of the Center "Health" Elena Topchieva, has informed that it is all-comers competitions on technics of boating on the river Angrape in area of settlement Veselovka of area Chernjahovskogo. Interested persons, fans of boating were invited all. Before, at date of a victory, more than fifty kaliningradtsev have taken part in a mass foot campaign which participants have visited on a memorial settlement Pereslavskoe, then have gone on the maximum point of peninsula Zemlandskogo mountain Galsgarben. Here all the traditional camp and waited for competition on shooting from a pneumatic pistol.

admin May 20 2008 7:22:26 AM For a press
12-j " the May extreme " in Ekaterinburg

25 May in Ekaterburge 12-th will begin already under the account race " the May extreme ". Will start competitions on Plotinke, and finish at the bridge in park it. Majakovskogo. Participation more than 40 crews from various cities of Urals Mountains is expected. " The May extreme " is a sports race, alloys on dvuh-and four-seater catamarans, kajakah, rafts, kayaks. The problem of this competition puts popularization of water kinds of sports and active kinds of rest as a whole, promotion of idea of the family amateur and organized tourism. In Average Urals Mountains passes many water competitions on the rivers Chusovaja, the Lattice. But in Ekaterinburg competitions pass in city and consequently collect the greatest number of spectators - more than 5 thousand person.

admin May 20 2008 7:14:36 AM Further... 64 PerusalsFor a press
Competition " Will start all " in Krasnoyarsk

In the middle of May in Krasnoyarsk has passed opening 10 stages of city competition « Will start all ». In a municipal government on physical culture and sports have informed, that opening of competition has passed on island Tatysheva. Predictably in action has taken part about 10 thousand person. This day on island lines on all sports disciplines included in the program of competition simultaneously worked: rollers, a bicycle, navigation, stritbol, fitness, sports orientation, water rafting and sports tourism. Competition traditionally promotes active development of sports and tourism in the field of, involving and young participants.

admin May 20 2008 7:03:39 AM For a press
Problems of boating in Petersburg

The general director of Open Company « Russian cruises » Olga Kargin has informed the opinion to press on plans of the Government of city to increase a stream of tourists in northern capital. It considers, that absence of the developed infrastructure prevents to develop properly boating in Petersburg and areas. Visitors of city have simply nothing to offer, as potential tourist routes are not equipped properly. For example a fortress the Nutlet. But concerning a fortress Tatyana Gavrilova the chief of a department of tourism of Committee on physical training, sports, tourism and the youth policy of Leningrad region has optimistically responded, having declared, that on the decision of the given problem the European financial assets are directed.

admin May 20 2008 6:58:32 AM For a press
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